Becoming More Productive and Satisfied at Work

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This e-learning will help you work more productively and with less stress. You will learn how to structure your day efficiently and apply easy-to-learn self-management methods to reach your goals in a relaxed way. We'll show you how to get into flow and get absorbed in what you're doing, as well as how to use your biorhythms and organize your day in harmony with your inner clock.

Learning Objectives
  • Plan the workday effectively in a few minutes

  • Work more productively with less stress

  • Clear your head for the things that really matter

  • Knowing the influence of our inner clock

  • Create conditions for flow experiences

  • Be permanently more satisfied in your job

Target Group

Managers and employees who want to improve their productivity



Professional moderation, video lectures, learning questions, transfer tasks, key messages, and final test

Course Duration

60 Minutes

Technical requirements
  • Tablet, Notebook, PC, etc.

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Headset/Earphone

Activation Period

After your registration, you will get an email, containing your personal login details. Those are valid for the next 90 days



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Produktiver und zufriedener im Job

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