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Learning Objectives
  • Being able to recognize the need for innovation and new creative methods

  • Being able to create the right conditions for design thinking

  • Understanding the design thinking process

  • Being able to become an immediate expert and to understand user needs

  • Being able to implement the process of finding solutions

  • Being able to use prototyping, personas, and learning journeys.

Target Group

Teams that intend to initiate a Design Thinking process, employees who are interested in the topic, Employees and teams who are looking for new methods for creative problem solving


Mobile learning with professional moderation, videos, study questions, interactive Exercises, transfer Tasks, key messages and final Test

Course Duration

Approximately 45 minutes, not including the transfer tasks, divided into fiveindividual chaptersthatcanalso be used as microlearnings

Also available in German.

technische Voraussetzungen
  • Endgerät (Rechner, Notebook, Tablet)
  • stabile Internetverbindung
  • Headset/Kopfhörer

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